Professional application to create an exchanger.

Your turnkey solution is a Box Exchanger turnkey exchanger. A lot of auto-exchange capabilities will allow you to earn without problems Unique modules, round-the-clock customer support and competitive prices.

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version: 2.0.35 28 Feb 2019

Box Exchanger
Box Exchanger
Box Exchanger

Why you choose us

Box Exchanger - is developing a script to run electronic exchangers. Today, most existing solutions are slow and do not have basic security features, and also limit trading capacity and profitability. They are also difficult to launch and even harder to scale.


High-performance technologies for online exchangers have been at the center of our attention for a long time. We offer only the best solutions, and our offers are fully consistent with the prevailing market conjuncture.

We do not use CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Modx) - this is yesterday. Our work is based on more reliable and safe technologies:

  • NodeJS, C++, Go
  • MongoDB, Redis
  • Vue.JS, React.JS

Our automatic currency exchange platform incorporates the most advanced security related transactions. The product already has many parsers, merchants, automatic APIs, and other modules.

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Box Exchanger

Convenient version
on mobile

We made sure that the platform management was as convenient and comfortable as possible for each owner of personal service because we developed BoxExchanger APP

With it you will feel complete freedom of action.

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Awesome and thoughtful design

  • The “wrap” is as important as the “stuffing.” Box Exchanger has prepared for you the best combination of such qualities as: Modernity, Uniqueness, Auspiciousness in use. Modernity - the use of advanced technology + speed of processing and working with data at which the product works like a clock.

  • Our uniqueness is in the first quality of the product, stability of work, as well as 2 design management systems that will only be pleasant when working with the product. Favorable use - we see it so that users when working with a product can easily use it to the maximum and enjoy it without unnecessary confusion buttons.


Our automatic currency exchange platform includes the most advanced developments based primarily on the security of transactions between users:

  • Box Exchanger

    support of two-factor authentication of the administrator and users

  • Box Exchanger

    Automatic saving of database backups

  • Box Exchanger

    Full site protection against possible XSS and CSRF attacks, as well as DDOS attacks

  • Box Exchanger

    Injection blocking, BruteForce blocking, as well as smart firewall, UFW

  • Box Exchanger

    Total blocking of unauthorized access.

  • Box Exchanger

    Additional transaction security 2fa password authentication.

  • Box Exchanger

    Encrypting password configurations and important billing information using AES-256

  • Box Exchanger

    Protecting client data from JWT against spoofing; support for TLS and SSL certificates.

Key features of BOXEXCHANGER

Box Exchanger offers one of the most advanced and safest options on the market.

  • Box Exchanger

    The system constantly updates new modified functions, taking into account the analysis of the previous versions

  • Box Exchanger

    The flexible system allows you to customize your work algorithms, which allows you to maximize profits.

  • Box Exchanger

    The platform easily adapts to any changes and can quickly adapt to new tasks with complete documentation and REST-API.

  • Box Exchanger
    Fast start

    Installation and configuration of the system can be carried out within a short time. It takes 1 hour to start the exchanger.

  • Box Exchanger

    The system provides site attendance graphs and the number of transactions made available to the site administrator.

  • Box Exchanger
    Affiliate system

    Export courses XML, JSON, TXT. Profit charts for partners. Two modes of operation from the 'profit of the exchanger' 'or' 'amount of exchange'

  • Box Exchanger

    Automatic exchange platform, includes the most advanced development related to transaction security

  • Box Exchanger

    The administrator can receive notifications about the work of the exchanger via Skype, Email, Telegram or using our application.

Telegram Bот

We made sure that your customers can work with you not only through the site and through the telegram bot

In the bot, customers will be able to quickly exchange currency!


we implement our own and support third-party integration

  • Merchants
    Box Exchanger
    • Advanced Cash
    • Perfect Money
    • Payeer
    • ADgroup
    • Enfins
    • EXMO code
    • WebMoney
    • Yandex Money
    • Visa/Master RUB and another
  • Autopayment
    Box Exchanger
    • Advanced Cash
    • Perfect Money
    • Payeer
    • ADgroup
    • Yandex Money
    • Visa/Master RUB and another
  • Manual exchange
    Box Exchanger

    Add an unlimited number of payment systems, banks, money transfer systems and currencies through the control panel for manual exchange

  • Course parsers
    Box Exchanger

    Many parsers and autocourses to automate the exchange process

Our updates

We keep up to date and improve the service that will help you conduct business more efficiently.

  • 17.02.20

    Version 2.0.36
    • Integration with (merchant and payout modules)
    • Fixed push notification in APP
    • Payout module for AdvancedCash
    • Updated Moex parser
    • Admin comments, and note in payout modules
  • 15.12.19

    Version 2.0.35
    • Improved DDOS protection
    • Updated merchant Payeer
    • Updated merchant
    • Improved application payment design
    • Added a comment system for applications
  • 14.11.19

    Version 2.0.34
    • Added merchant ValesPay
    • Added ability to sort rules and FAQ section
    • Added a notification system for new applications in telegrams
    • Added a system of rotation of details
  • 15.10.19

    Version 2.0.33
    • Improved affiliate system
    • Added a system of discounts for users
    • Integrated Telegram Bot
    • API Performance Optimization
    • Optimized JSON export of courses

Our customers


  • BTCChange24 Verify

  • neo-tech


  • RuBas Verify

  • Obmen-BOX Verify

  • Xtreces


Our team is always open for dialogue, and we really need the opinion of each client.