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What is Azara?

Azara is a smart IT company. A company that aims to popularize cryptocurrencies, namely to teach people use them, we want to make them better than others, so we have put together the best team. We make them easy to use, and the design was intuitive and of course it should be noted that everything performed on the most modern and safe technologies.

Azara Accepter

The company paid attention to expand the horizons of cryptocurrenices implementation. It is necessary to develop a tool that would allow you to easily connect Bitcoin acceptance to your web-platform. With Azara Accepter, any online store, service or charity can integrate the acceptance of bitcoin payments in three clicks.

We also took into account that the tool should be not only convenient but also the most advantageous offer among others, so when using you do not feel your expenses.

Box Exchanger

Azara Wallet

We do not rest and made the best Bitcoin wallet. Freelancers, online services and ordinary users got a truly wonderful and powerful possibility. You can accept bitcoins, exchange for other cryptocurrencies, instantly send to other Azara users, send transfers to various payment systems (VISA / MasterCard, Yandex.Money, Webmoney and etc.) connect online stores or just store it all with Azara Wallet.

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Box Exchanger

Start accepting bitcoins today

The company paid great attention to making it possible for everyone to make money in our ecosystem.

To start using it right now just put the wallet on your smartphone.

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