You can contact our technical support or online chat in order for our specialists to independently set up an exchange office and give you all the necessary access for activities. It is worth noting that if you do not have a server and a domain name, then a team of professionals will help with this problem. This service is free.

Also, each user has the opportunity to independently download the software after payment for the service.

For this you need:
1) Log in to your account using Email, Password that you specified when placing the order
2) Click on the license button.
3) In the form you received, indicate your domain (you can change it within 3 months) example:
4) Specify the subdomain of the control panel example: (can be changed at any time)
5) You are shown a link to download your exchanger (instantly)
6) Also a team with which you can quickly raise the exchanger on your server (
7) After installation, the console displays your access to the admin panel and database.
8) Now you can get to work.

How to pay for the service?

Users can pay for the product on our website by clicking the Buy button. For this there are several types of payment:

  • Yandex.Money RUB
  • Perfect Money USD.
  • Peyeer USD.
  • Advanced Cash USD.
  • Bitcoin, BitcoinCash
  • Ethereum, EthereumClassic
  • Litecoin
  • Monero,ZCash и другие

The official site has a section called “Services”, which lists additional services for registering a hosting and domain. Before payment all the details and wishes of the customer are coordinated.

Software licenses

The portal implements software with licenses. After payment for the service, all information can be found in your personal account, in particular, in the “Your licenses” section.

  • The user has no right to change or modify the license for other domains after the payment of the script. To solve the problem, you need to purchase a second license and register another domain. The license has an unlimited term.
  • If the script is rented, then once a month you can change the name of the subdomain / domain. The lease term is determined by the paid fare, and the resource staff is not able to disconnect the license remotely.
  • Multiple domains acquire the same number of licenses.

In this product, some of the files associated with the product license are encrypted. They can not be changed. However, this applies to those files that are directly related to the license. Specialists do not have the technical ability to disable the license or in any way affect the functionality of the exchanger. Access to the service can be requested only if the client contacts the technical support service for help.

Are there any improvements?

Software has open source code for editing all logic. All changes are carried out under their own control and our specialists are not responsible for the changes made. It is important to note that edits may interfere with updates, as well as interfere with stability or security. If you want to add some functionality or change the logic of the current functionality, be sure to visit the developers section, which contains technical details and recommendations. If you are not a developer, but you have suggestions for improving the work, then you can make a list of recommendations that we will take note of and will try to implement in the next updates. Our company provides services for the development and refinement of a unique exchange office.

Can I get back the scripts?

You can return the funds before obtaining a license to your domain. Modern software is considered a digital technical development that is non-refundable. Having obtained a license, the user becomes the official owner of the script and we are not able to disable or restrict its use.


Customers can count on free professional support. Also there are paid services in the framework of technical data processing. For example, the support service does not discuss for free issues related to the open source script or refinement of unique algorithms. In your account you can find detailed instructions for installing the software. (installation is also a free service)

Regular software updates

In your account there are all software updates. To correctly install the update, you need to use a special instruction, which is located in the user's personal account.