Increase profitability
Exchanger thanks to the function Payment Aggregator

Payment aggregator for business is a unique opportunity ,

available to all users of the «BoxExchanger» exchange software.


Purpose of the aggregator

Take, for example, a customer with a BMW auto parts business. The goods in the online store are sold only for EUR and payment on the website is possible only in EUR. If you connect the exchanger to the client's website for processing payments, the store will be able to accept payments in different currencies and immediately receive them in EUR.

This is the «Payment Aggregator» for business.

Everything works very simply

  1. We connect the exchanger API to payment forms on your client's business website

  2. We assign the target currency of the client and set currency directions for accepting payments

  3. Customers pay for goods in any currencies available on the site

  4. The exchanger accepts payments in different currencies, transfers to the target one and immediately sends to the client

  1. Your potential clients for payment processing are everywhere

  2. The business receives its payments immediately in the desired currency and pays you commissions

  3. The more businesses and sales, the more turnover and profit you have

If you have questions about the payment aggregator, please contact Technical Support

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  • web exchanger
  • application
  • telegram bot
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  • web exchanger
  • application
  • telegram bot
  • updates
  • source сode